Southeast Asia is vastly becoming an important area of the world for both the multinational companies and the small-medium size enterprise (SME). Canada and ASEAN businesses need to see Southeast Asia (ASEAN) more clearly as a region. Canada, in terms of commerce, historically, has always looked to Europe in the past, to the US in the present, and must look to ASEAN along with the rest of Asia as its future.

In terms of trade statistics, looking at it from a country to country perspective, Canada’s trade with a country like Vietnam or the Philippines may not seem all that substantial. But by the end of 2002, trade and investment between Canada and the ASEAN countries was over $10.5 billion – more than 17 times what it was in 1977.

In a recent article by the New Strait Times, it was noted that many businesspeople believe that “the ASEAN Free Trade agreements will have a positive impact globally on business in the long run.” As we progress in this century, Canada must realign its position in terms of its trade. The Southeast Asia Business Council would like to be a part of this renewal. The Southeast Asia Canada Business Council would like to facilitate this process by acting as the bridge between Canada and the ASEAN region.

One of the recent developments and probably the most dramatic one to date is that nearly a year ago, China and ASEAN signed an agreement on ASEAN China Comprehensive Economic Cooperation, and negotiation is underway for a free trade pact within the ASEAN region and China. This is strongly pushed for by the Chinese Government. China hopes this will be ratified and implemented by 2010. If and when this becomes a reality, the ASEAN region and China combined represent over 2 billion people and a total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of over 3 trillion US annually.

The World Bank has noted this trend and exemplified the emergence of the new East Asia. Currently, this area consists of China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan Hongkong, and the 10 members of the ASEAN countries: Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.

As can be seen, the potential is enormous for Canadian firms to establish an early presence in a potentially fast growing area of the world.


The Southeast Asia Canada Business Council is committed to assisting Canadian and ASEAN businesses in building a successful partnership in a win-win business position of mutual benefit.


The objectives of the Southeast Asia Canada Business Council is to provide its participants with opportunities to:

Promote trade, investment and technological cooperation
Promote Canadian business competitive advantages in ASEAN countries through strong government-private sector participation partnerships
Promote bilateral trades between Canada and ASEAN countries
Assist our Canadian members in promoting their products, services and projects within the ASEAN region
Provide a forum for direct dialogue with our contacts in the ASEAN region
Facilitate networking events and special events for enhancing business relationship building
Assist with developing our members’ opportunities in the ASEAN area.


Participation in our conferences, events, networking, seminars, and bilateral trade missions
1st ASEAN conference in Vancouver on April 2005, the exhibition of all major industries and manufacturers in Canada and the ASEAN region, hosted by Southeast Asia Canada Business Council
Briefings on Export/Import regulations and investment
Networking meetings
Capitalize on opportunities available only through Southeast Asia Canada Business Council
Forge strategic alliances and establish customers with your fellow members
Promote awareness of your products, investments, and community contributions


Canadian Companies that are interested in identifying, evaluating and developing trade and investment projects in the ASEAN region
Canadian importers , exporters, SOHO, wholesalers, distributors, sourcing agents in the following industries: textile and apparrel – leather products and shoes, seafood and agricultural products, arts and crafts, handicrafts, ceramics and giftwares and many others
Canadian high tech sector
Natural resource sector
Any others who have interest in the ASEAN region.


To succeed in today’s businessworld, particularly in international trade, having an experienced well learned partner by your side is crucial. Strategic alliances make sense in modern business, and especially so in the ASEAN region. Southeast Asia Canada Business Council is here to provide you with the help you need.

Whether you have significant investment in the region or are just testing the market, your organization will derive value from its partnership with the Southeast Asia Canada Business Council.

The Council serves your organization as a hands-on source of support in the implementation of your corporate strategies and long-term objectives.


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