Southeast Asia Canada Business Council

Welcome Message

From The President

We welcome the new year and the new decade with hope and celebration. As we move forward, our organization is stronger and positioned to grow.

With this said, I wish all a happy New Year for 2014!

As it stands, the world has so many riches in its regions that are vast and potent. Geographically, each region is endowed with rich natural resources, human power, and other economic potential that can be utilized for the good of the human race.

However, some regions, for argument sake, are unexplored, more for businessmen’s lack of understanding of the complexities of the culture and general psyche of the peoples, to wit, SOUTHEAST ASIA. With its population of 580 million and counting, and with its rich natural resources such a gold, copper, nickel, oil, coal, and other minerals, plus abundant produce of the sea and produce of the earth, not counting human resources as a significant source of world labor force, SOUTHEAST ASIA is like a sleeping economic giant which must be awaken from its slumber; for it to flex its muscles and prove its worth. And SOUTHEAST ASIA CANADA BUSINESS COUNCIL took a big leap to do that task.

The Council was formed in 2004 to bridge and synergize economic relations between CANADA and SOUTHEAST ASIA. Years passed and events had been organized and being organized to fulfill its mandate – trade exhibits, trade forum, cultural events, trade missions, and seminars – showcasing SOUTHEAST ASIA as a booming economic market for Canada to buy and sell goods and services.

It is still a long way to go. Still there is much to be done. But the Council is undaunted no matter how formidable the task is because the light is very visible at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the day, statistics should show.

Carmelita Tapia